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Process Equipments

SIEGHART ESD with its decades of experience, has excellent knowledge and expertise in handling Process Equipment and equipments for a variety of use in the Oil and Petrochemical industry.

Fired Heater


Pressure Vessels

Waste Heat Recovery System

We have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Fired Heaters and Reformers viz. Pressure Parts, Support/Holding System, Structural Designs, Radiant Section, Convection Section, Stack, Interconnecting Ducts, APH Ducting, APH Supporting Structures, Refractory and its tie-back arrangements, Accessories, Platforms, Ladders, Access Door, Staircase, MTO for Requisition and execution purpose. For a standard Heater, our deliverables are follows and the inputs required from clients are the Design G.A, Client Standards and Specifications:

Radiant section - Radiant floor, Shell & Arch

Convection - End panels, End Tube Sheets, Header Box


Castables with holding down

APH System with all Ducting

Platforms, Ladders, Stair drawings

Accessories - Sight Door, Observation Doors, Access Doors, Instrument connection

Pressure Parts - Radiant Coil, Convection

Ceramic Fibre/modules

Refractory lining